Leveraging our technology expertise and experience Medialab Barcelona has a proven track record in delivering innovative tailor-made software solutions.


We work closely and transparently with clients throughout each step of the product life-cycle, using the latest agile/lean project management approaches. Medialab Barcelona has a proven track record in business and technology ensuring your project and business success: business model design, technology evaluation and alignment to business objectives, architecture and software quality validation, technology scalability and market research.


We execute efficient practices and methodologies to optimize the overall management process, assuring quality and focus on our customer needs:

  • Inception and Prototyping
    we help in the brainstorming and creation of innovative ideas, defining and formalizing the requirements to be converted into an initial prototype.
  • Custom Software Development
    we offer a long-term partner relationship. Medialab Barcelona transforms innovative ideas into final products supported by business models that differentiate and support your business.
  • Dedicated Development Unit
    we offer a dedicated team of qualified technical specialists, programmers, software architects and business analysts, fully at your disposal, to accomplish your project employing the latest cutting-edge IT technologies. We support this with strong project management professionals that closely supervise our development teams.
Medialab Barcelona's development methodology