Medialab Barcelona offers advanced technology solutions to exploit emerging consumer interaction trends in multiple screeens
Automatic Content Recognition for Broadcast Industry
Real time recognition technology creating innovative second screen experiences

Mobile devices are now the first screen. Mobility is radically changing the experience of media well beyond the consumption of media on the device itself: 85% of smartphone owners use their device while watching TV at least once a month; 40% of them do it daily, rising to 50% among 18-24s; 56% of Four Screen Owners between 18-44 years old, are likely to take an action in response to what they are watching on TV.

The activities on these devices vary enormously from social network participation, to email, shopping and, most interestingly for the broadcasters, engaging in deeper interaction with the program they are watching.

This increasingly natural behavior represents a potentially potent opportunity for content makers, advertisers and broadcasters.

The second screening behavior is finally delivering on the promise of interactive TV and Medialab Barcelona can provide the tools to take advantage of it:

  • Seamless connectivity between first and second screen devices providing new interactive experiences between the broadcasted content and the audience
  • Capturing any content so your audience can watch it later through VoD or live streaming
  • Offering further insightful information about the broadcasted contents
Brand engagement

Medialab Barcelona offers a reliable ACR (Automated Content Recognition) technology to exploit any consumer interaction (audio, image and video) from one single and unique platform:

    ACR audio recognition
  • Audio recognition
    Customized audio scanning software faster & more cost effective than current market solutions. See video demo here.
  • ACR image recognition
  • Image recognition
    Rapid image scanning forget QR codes, simply scan actual images and immediately deliver active content to users. See video demo here. And comparison with QR codes here.
  • ACR video recognition
  • Video recognition
    Innovative video scene recognition from a few seconds preview, share any further info you desire with your audience. See video demo here.