Equipped with the latest IT-multimedia facilities, Medialab Barcelona offers cost competitive value-added services beyond pure development to support your product’s success including Motion Capture, Usability lab studies, Technology Marketing research, Technology consulting and more.
Motion Capture services

Medialab Barcelona is a partner for digital character models animation activities in 2D or 3D. Our MoCap team is comprised of multimedia programmers dedicated to streamlining the production process backed up with camera operator expertise (with ongoing experience working for major European network broadcasters).

Medialab Barcelona MoCap laboratory is the 3rd largest Motion Capture facility in Europe: 24 Vicon Mx-3 cameras with an optical system of 7 FUJINON DF6HA-1B (1:1.2 / 6mm) and 17 PENTAX (1:1.5 / 8.5mm).

We offer a range of flexible pre-production and post-production services, at a very competitive price, designed to optimize and streamline film, television and game production:

    mocap actress
  • MoCap ‘Facilities renting’
    Specific approach for professionals with proven expertise in Motion Capture requiring a low-cost base for specific projects, or to serve customers in Southern Europe.
  • mocap actors
  • MoCap ‘Full project service’
    We manage and allocate a team of professionals (including both technical experts and project management) exclusively dedicated to your project from beginning to end.
  • mocap facilities
  • HD ‘Television Set’
    Our facilities can also be used as a fully equipped professional Television Set with the latest HD cameras, camera operators and all the required multimedia software licenses and hardware equipment.
Technology services

Medialab Barcelona has access to cutting-edge University IT facilities and programs. We put these technology facilities and experience at our customer’s full disposal.

    User Lab facilities
  • Userlab
    How user friendly is the product/service? What should the customer experience be? We offer a laboratory and experienced consumer evaluation staff devoted to usability and user experience analysis: Card Sorting, Tasks Test, Eye-Tracking, Focus Group…
  • Training courses
  • Training courses
    Technical courses adapted to the customer needs across a broad range of disciplines including Digital TV, development, networking and much more.